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A great product or service idea is only the beginning of the journey to commercial success. To transform your idea into reality you must address a long list of pragmatic go-to-market issues.

We help our clients with the many strategic and tactical issues that spell the difference between just another clever idea and successful market adoption. We specialize in products and services that are the first of their kind—meaning that they have to establish a new market category. Bringing such products to market is much harder than for the average product. Not only must we teach customers about our client’s products; we must also teach them about entire new product categories they have never heard of before. The Apple iPod is a perfect example of such a product, and it is to Apple's great credit that it not only achieved impressive adoption levels soon after launch but went on to become a cultural icon.

And it's not just customer marketing that has to be expanded. Our clients usually have to set up entirely new distribution and support channels as well. Often, this process is more difficult and takes longer than the development of the product itself!

Effective communication is one of the keys to successful planning. We pride ourselves on being able to bridge the gap between your technical and marketing organizations. We are ‘bilingual’—with backgrounds in both engineering and marketing, we can talk both languages fluently. We have particularly extensive experience in the areas of computing and communication. In fact, we have acted as technology consultants to patent counsel in those subject areas.

We accept assignments of any scope and duration. You can engage us for anything from a quick assessment of your strategic plan to an intensive participation in your go-to-market process.

We look forward to serving you.

—Carl Strathmeyer, Principal

PS: For more discussion about marketing first-of-their-kind products and services, check out my new blog, “On Marketing”.

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