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Here are some projects that Carl Strathmeyer, principal of Synapse Connections LLC, has been involved with during his career.

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With experience, it’s easier to separate the forest from the trees.

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Convergence Middleware. Carl was the strategist behind CT Connect, a novel telephony middleware product originally conceived in the late 1980s at Digital Equipment Corporation. In the mid-1990s, Carl was a member of the management team that transferred the product and team to Dialogic Corporation, then the largest manufacturer of PC-form-factor telecommunications interface hardware.

At Dialogic, Carl directed all all aspects of the product including long-range product direction, product specifications, competitive strategy, pricing, market communication, and alliances. Under his direction, the product competed successfully against products from IBM, Novell and others. By the late 1990s it had grown to become a profitable product line with over US$10 million annual revenue and the pre-eminent product worldwide in its category. As a result of this success, Carl is a recognized industry expert in computer-telephone convergence. Dialogic was subsequently acquired by Intel, which later divested the product line to Envox Worldwide, where it remains a category-leading product line.

Converged Access Platforms. Carl was the marketing strategist for Intel’s Converged Access Platform initiative. This initiative recognized that converging voice and data communications — particularly Voice-over-IP (VoIP)— would dramatically reshape the definition of telecommunications premises equipment. Carl worked with Intel technical experts to define the product category, identify product specifications, set probable price points and devise likely channel scenarios. Intel has subsequently commissioned prototypes of the proposed devices and is actively marketing the concept to telecommunications equipment manufacturers and service providers.

Media Middleware. While Carl was at Intel, the company acquired two separate firms that developed middleware for telecommunications media applications such as interactive voice response (IVR), voicemail and international callback. The resulting product line had three separate and overlapping offerings. Carl was the business, technical and marketing strategist who simplified and aligned this muddled product line by discontinuing one line entirely, merging the capabilities of the two remaining lines and migrating customers to the final unified product.

Speech Server Software. Carl was Intel’s primary contact point with a major worldwide software company as they introduced a new category of interactive speech server. This challenging project, spanning more than a year, involved all the complexities of two multi-national firms attempting a joint initiative. Carl was the marketing strategist and primary alliance contact point responsible for Intel’s portion of the project. He led all business aspects of the effort, including highly technical discussions with engineering, channel strategy, and complex contract negotiations with the software company.

New Industry Form Factor. Carl was Intel’s representative to the MicroTCA working group, a subcommittee of the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturer’s Group (PICMG). This subcommittee is comprised of hardware companies who gathered together to define and implement a high-density, high-availability circuit card for telecommunications and other industrial applications. Carl was the chair of the market requirements sub-group of the subcommittee, leading the group to clarify and ultimately agree on market requirements for the technology.

Telecommunications Server Software. Carl was asked to rationalize an unsuccessful telecommunications software server product that Intel had acquired as part of the acquisition of Dialogic Corporation. This product had a complex pedigree, having been assembled from a combination of various intellectual property owned by Intel, licensed from others, and adapted from open source projects. Carl identified the components and their intellectual property status, defined a disposition strategy for the various parts, and a migration strategy through which customers could continue to assemble the product from its new sources. He successfully implemented this disposition process, which involved negotiation of complex contracts with international firms while avoiding potential legal challenges from licensors, customers and other interested parties.

Software Development Strategies for Network Processors. Carl was the marketing strategist for an Intel initiative to study the development tools and strategies for network processors. Although Intel had manufactured and sold network processors for some years, the software development process for these processors remained difficult for both Intel and its customers. Carl studied the issue and recommended a significantly different business strategy relying on third parties for development tools, and emphasizing development methods that aligned network processor software technologies with more common general processor software technologies. Carl explained the reasoning behind this proposed strategic shift to executive management and secured their support.

Common threads in all these projects…

  • Strategic thinking
  • Complexity in both technical and business/marketing arenas
  • Establishment of new product categories
  • Need for communication across multiple disciplines
  • Sensitivity to financial and profitability issues

A strong technical background

Carl's marketing insights are based on a strong technical background. Carl has many years’ experience in both in-house and consulting technical roles including information technology, systems analysis, software development at both the systems and application levels, and telecommunications and data networks. This background equips him to quickly understand the technical aspects of a project and to communicate easily and fluently with your technical staff.

Carl's Resume

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