Synapse Connections LLC

Marketing that builds bridges

Synapse Connections LLC is a consulting firm specializing in product strategy and go-to-market tactics. We focus on products and services that create new market segments or categories. These require a completely different marketing approach compared to introducing a product or service that customers already know and understand. Your marketing instincts will often be wrong. One eye-opening example: When you are launching a product in a new category, competitors can actually help your product succeed!

It's hard to get across a chasm without a bridge.

The US64 bridge across the Rio Grande Canyon near Taos, New Mexico

In 1991, Geoffrey Moore published his classic book on high-tech marketing, Crossing the Chasm. In his book, Moore explains that there is a huge difference between selling a product to sophisticated early adopters and selling a product to a wider mainstream market. He calls this difference the "chasm" and warns his readers that crossing this chasm takes great care and effort. You will not get across the chasm by simply producing a product or service and waiting for customers to recognize how great it is.

Synapse Connections extends Moore's theory with a pragmatic approach that addresses the real-world process of bringing a new high-tech product or service to market. We call this marketing that builds bridges. Those bridges help our clients cross Moore's chasm.

If you are planning or launching a product that blazes new ground, Synapse Connections can help you cross the chasm successfully.The firm's principal, Carl Strathmeyer, has a long and successful track record helping technology companies design and launch products and services that establish new categories. We can help you in many phases of the process, from strategy to execution.

We invite you to browse our web site for more information about Synapse Connections, our approach to marketing, and suggestions for how we can help you. Or contact us for a complimentary and confidential consultation regarding your specific situation.

Contact us if…

…you are a startup, haven't hired senior marketing management yet, and need some interim guidance.

…you are are launching a new product or service but your in-house marketing staff needs some experienced direction.

…you have a one-time marketing project and it doesn’t make sense to increase your permanent staff.

…you are recruiting marketing staff but have projects that need immediate attention.

…your patent counsel needs assistance from a technologist with experience in computing and communciations. (More about this specialized aspect of our practice here.)